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The End of Summer

Back in Brighton the end of summer is easy to spot by simply walking down the seafront towards Hove.

When the carousel is taken apart and stored away then you know that summer and all the good things that go along with it have come to an end.

In Kraków the end of summer this year was marked by the final film showing of Letni Projektor. Half a dozen or so film were shown at very interesting locations in and around Kraków.

The final film was shown (indoors) at the Galicja Jewish Museum on Dajwór. "Everything is Illuminated" stars Elijah Wood and the singer from Googol Bordello. Mr Wood I know very little about and before Sunday's screening I would only know that he is some sort of Hollywood film star. I wouldn't be able to tell you which films he has been in. Apparently he was in something called "Lord of the Rings", whatever that it is. Actually I recall watching that film, after a bum-numbing three hours I wish I hadn't. It seems that Frodo is very popular with the ladies and the audience was predominantly female. The film was entertaining enough, about an obsessive collector searching for his Jewish roots in the Ukraine.

I managed to catch two other films in the Letni Projektor series. The first one was shown in the middle of Park Bernardskiego just over the river. I can't even remember what the film was about as I left early because I was expecting a guest to stay the night. The guest didn't materialise, but me leaving early was probably a blessing as the mosquitoes had already taken enough of my blood.

The second showing was an altogether more pleasurable experience. In a disused open-air swimming pool. It was a hot evening, well over thirty degrees. The film was "Rebel Without a Cause" (starring James Dean). I laid on the hot concrete for a couple of hours using my bag as a pillow.

Letni Projektor is a prime example of one of the great things about Kraków. Free, interesting events. Now that summer has finished I've noticed that people are leaving the pub earlier. Hopefully this is just a temporary blip and living in Kraków in winter will be just as rewarding as in summer.

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