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Winter draws on

It's been a wee bit nippy in Kraków of late. Well, that's not entirely true. It has been absolutely ruddy freezing.

For the last week temperatures have been hovering around minus ten degrees. Wind chill factors have been consistently high, making it feel another ten degrees colder. The worst it got was the last weekend when the temperature didn't rise about minus 13 degrees (and this was during the day). Perceived temperatures have been consistently around -20 degrees (reaching -23 at times).

Anyway, enough of the numbers, they mean very little unless you experience it for yourself. Provided you wrap up warmly these temperatures aren't completely unbearable. Over the weekend I spent a total of about six hours in the cold. The cold didn't affect me too much (probably because I was wearing two jackets, two scarves, two pairs of socks). Walking around on the snow and slush was extremely tiring though. I don't mind walking on fresh snow, but walking on the slush-covered cobbled streets near the Rynek is an absolute bind.

I'd like to think that the weather doesn't have an influence on where I go and what I do. Usually, that's the case. This week the weather has been so frigging cold that I have chosen to take the easy option and stay at home in the warm. Some times I have regretted that decision and other times I haven't.

It's not all bad though. At least it rains less here in Poland than it does in England. Summers are usually better too. However, right now summer seems an eternity away. Perhaps I should take up a winter sport, make a snowman on the balcony or do some nice Christmassy photos. Or, maybe it's time to plan a trip to somewhere warm. England even.


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